Green cream…

It’s been quite hard to find make up that works well on dry and sensitive roaccutane skin… plus I hate wearing layers and layers of make up and instead like it when skin looks as though it has no make up on it at all, but I will admit this has been a challenge!! It can also be difficult to blend foundation if you’re caking on lots of layers, because it will dislodge your dry skin and make it look more obvious, so in my opinion the less the better… less is more 😉

Roaccutane leaves your skin quite red, especially if you have quite a pale winter skin colour like me, and certainly in my case I have a lot of red marks from scarring on my cheeks (although they are slowly fading!!), which came from when I had my ‘initial break out’ in the earlier days of my roaccutane course.

The good news is, even when our skin is wintery and pale we can minimise the redness!! The trick is green cream – I don’t think you can use it unless you’re putting liquid foundation or BB cream over it (otherwise you look green!!) but it’s works so so well, especially because it means you don’t have to wear so much foundation.

My favourite green cream is actually a concealer – it’s the Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid . For everyday wear I put a layer of it on to my cheeks and then put a layer of Naked Skinmy BB cream on top, and it works really well.

If I’m having particularly red day or I’m going out (so wearing more make up), I mix it with my primer and rub that all over my face, and then put some extra green on my cheeks afterwards.

If you want a proper green cream that isn’t a concealer, EuEucerincerin’s Anti Redness Concealing Day Cream is really good. It has SPF25 in it, which is great because roaccutane means your skin burns much more easily (I never used to burn in the sun until roaccutane!!). I put it over my moisturiser and let it dry for a bit before putting my make up on. At £20.50 it’s not cheap at all, but it’s lasting well and does a really good job – it’s designed to help dry skin without causing spots or breakouts.