DRY SKIN TIP – a new discovery

I love aquaphor!! This amazing balm from Eucerin was something I heard about whilst binge-watching beauty videos on YouTube ages ago (I was probably procrastinating getting out of bed or something) and had been meaning to buy some since.

The moment to invest finally came when I was sailing in France (in a French heatwave) two weeks ago and learnt a valuable lesson about sensitive roaccutane skin. I fell asleep in the sun with my face resting on the deck – I was all suncreamed up and my face was in the shade but my skin still felt unusually painful by the end of the day. I woke up the next morning with blisters all down the one side of my face that had been resting on the hot deck of the boat!

It was really painful and the cluster of blisters soon turned to cracked, extremely sore and dry skin (the worst I’ve ever experienced – I still don’t really understand what happened). On return to land I rushed to a French pharmacy (literally amazing places) and bought some magic aquaphor – I had been trying to survive on a combination of aloe vera and Aveeno body cream (which I don’t really recommend for your face) which I was reapplying every five minutes (it felt like that anyway), but wasn’t really soothing the pain.

The aquaphor saved me!! It is honestly the most effective moisturiser for cracked and painful skin I’ve found, so if you ever have any dramas like mine where you skin gets to a whole new level of dehydrated, then don’t hesitate to get some aquaphor.

At the moment I’m putting it on my nose before bed every night or on any other dry patches on my body and it works like a dream. I wouldn’t recommend using it on your face if you’ve got any spots however – it isn’t non-comodogenic as far as I can tell (after French A Level I think I can just about understand the packaging) but it is meant to be good for other areas of skin aside from your face (I’ve been putting it on my hands and lips too).

I heard about in an Emily Ratajkowski video (and who doesn’t want to look like EmRata) and also in a Ciara video (she’s that R&B singer from like 2004 who did a catchy song with Enrique Iglesias) for Vogue.


SKINCARE for the summer holidays

Roaccutane makes your skin burn easily – indeed, a friend of mine who took roaccutane last year reported even managing to get slightly sunburnt on cloudy days…

So, suncream has become my best friend – I wear it on my face most days when I go outside and the sun is out, particularly when playing sport or doing something that involves being outdoors for a long period of time.

la_roche_posay_anthelios_ac_spf30_matte_fluid_50ml_1484730702.pngFor this I use La Roche-Posay Anthelios AC Matte Fluid, which is a little 50ml bottle of SPF30 cream designed for use on your face without making it look shiny or greasy or clogging up your pores. It doesn’t moisturise at all however, so I carry my La Roche-Posay Effaclar H Moisturiser in my beach to stop the skin on my face from getting too tight and uncomfortable.

garnier_ambre_solaire_moisturising_protection_spray_spf30_200ml_1432130824.pngI was on holiday in Croatia last week and I managed to get through and entire bottle of suncream so I didn’t burn!! I’m a big sunbather so I reapplied super often, particularly when fresh out of the sea or after lying on one side of my body (i.e rubbing off half the suncream I had spent ages putting on…). I’m a big fan of Garnier Ambre Solaire Moisturising Protection Spray  in SPF30, which avoids your skin getting too dry in the sun and salt as well as protecting it effectively if you reapply regularly.

Happy summer!! X



Photos from Croatia – we stayed on the island of Pag, which is a place I thoroughly recommend visiting!! A little tough if you’re partying lots on the amazing Zrce Beach because you can’t drink on roaccutane, but I still managed to have some great nights out!!