Roaccutane doesn’t just dry out the skin on your face, but it dries out your body too. Moisturising your body is a must on roaccutane!! I have always been quite eczema-prone, but I haven’t experienced it badly since I was a lot younger, but now I’ve seen patches of it creeping back when I get lazy moisturising (and drinking water!!).

I’m too lazy to moisturise day and night (I haven’t got the time or energy to be sticky at all hours of the day!!), but it’s not hard to keep your skin hydrated if you moisturise EVERY time you get out of the shower, baths, sea, swimming pools, jacuzzis etc etc.

downloadI was recommended Aveeno Oil and Aveeno Cream by my dermatologist – the oil is for use in the bath water or to be applied directly on to your skin in the shower (it’s really good for shaving with too), and it’s nice because it isn’t too slippery or oily. The cream is the moisturiser for once you’re out of the shower – it absorbs quickly and will keep your skin hydrated for a couple of days at least, and it doesn’t smell, so there’s no perfumy chemicals for your skin to get allergic to, and that means it can be used by men and women!! download (1)

They aren’t crazy expensive and you can find all the Aveeno stuff in Superdrug and Boots – check that you’re getting the ‘cream’ as opposed to any of their other lotions or milks or sprays and what-not, as it’s definitely the most effective. They’re designed particularly with eczema or dry, sensitive-skin prone people in mind so they’re ideal for use when you’re on roaccutane.

Another plus is that Jennifer Aniston has been Aveeno’s celebrity ambassador for years, and even if they’re paying her loads to do it, I can see why she would like it, and who doesn’t want skin like Jennifer Aniston?


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