Face wash!!

I always use a face wash to wash my face, night and morning – it removes make up, dirt, sweat etc from the day better than plain water, and it’s good at kLa_Roche_Posay_Effaclar_H_Hydrating_Cleansing_Cream_200ml_1461319911eeping imperfections and blemishes away.

On roaccutane I’ve been using another La Roche Posay Effaclar H product, and this time it’s their ‘hydrating cleansing cream’ (£9.50 on Feel Unique), which is great because its creamy texture doesn’t dry out my skin at all (and works well with the Efflaclar H moisturiser).

I also exfoliate every now and again – it keeps dry patches away and makes it easier to put make up on because your skin is a bit smoother, and it also makes you a bit more radiant!! No need to go crazy on the highlighter!!

st-ives.pngMy favourite exfoliator is the St. Ives ‘Nourish & Smooth‘ Oatmeal Scrub – I think it’s a new one and it’s much more gentle than their famous apricot scrub, so it’s perfect for sensitive roaccutane skin! Smells nice too and only a fiver in Boots.

I use it maybe two or three times a week minimum, often before I put make up on for a night out. It’s nice as a mask when you’re relaxing in the bath too 🙂




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