Face mist is apparently all the rage with beauticians, beauty editors, skin care experts and the like, and so a few months ago I gave it a try.

I have to say, I didn’t really get the hype at first. I was told it would work as a setting spray for my make up but I found that instead it dislodged everything and made foundation catch in my dry skin. If I put on on before my make up it took too long to dry and make up didn’t go on to it very well anyway. So in the end, for me it was a bit of a waste of money.

Clinique_Moisture_Surge_Face_Spray_125ml_1481118703There was, however, one (slightly alternative) positive that came out of the expensive face mist ordeal. I invested in the Clinique Moisture Surge Face Spray which I found in Debenhams for £22.50, and for that price I expected it to be good, and it was. I ended up using it when I woke up in the night with a tight and uncomfortably dry face (particularly in the depths of winter) – a few sprays and I could go back to sleep relieved of all discomfort.

This was before I had discovered Eucerin’s night cream, but that being said the dry skin was a lot worse for me early on in the course and so even if had been using the night cream the spray would probably have been worth it.

So if you feel like splashing out then I do thoroughly recommend this stuff! I’ve finished it now but I’m sure it would also have been useful for keeping moisture levels up on the beach too. It was nice to put a few sprays on before bed in warmer weather too.

My friend raved about Avene Thermal Water Spray for dry and irritated skin (particularly in hot weather), and at £7 in Boots it seems a much more reasonable investment!! It’s recommended for eczema so it’s definitely worth it for the worst of the dry roaccutane skin, and it comes in a small hand bag size so it’s good for touch-ups!!


Coping with dry skin is something you become pro at when on roaccutane – everything from drinking lots of water to exfoliating (which I have now started doing night and morning and have been super pleased with the results) and rigorous moisturising becomes a big part of any roaccutane routine.

Eucerin_Dry_Skin_Replenishing_Face_Cream_Night_5__Urea_with_Lactate_50ml_1410349858One of my favourite things to combat dry skin is Eucerin’s Dry Skin Replenishing Face Cream for night time – I thought night creams were something that only few could afford to use and at £11 this stuff isn’t cheap, but it’s totally worth it! It makes you very shiny and contains some slightly weird-sounding ingredients (urea and lactate?!) but it is honestly amazing how hydrated it makes your skin.

I also put a tiny bit on my nose in the mornings as it’s still a bit peely from being in the sun in Croatia 2 weeks ago🙄 – my make up goes on to it well but I wouldn’t put it everywhere because it does make you very very shiny, so much so that it reminds me of my pre-roaccutane days when I looked like a light bulb and refused to be in photos that used flash…

One thing I will say is that I am in the later stages of my roaccutane course – although this stuff is non-comedogenic earlier on it could cause breakouts as it’s so intensive, but I could be wrong as I never tested it when I was more prone to spots, and of course it does say it’s non-comedogenic.

I put it on top of my ordinary daily moisturiser before bed and it honestly works like a dream!! 🙂


Foundation is something I wear every day because I have lots of small red scars on my cheeks from my ‘initial breakout’ when I first went on roaccutane – they’re slowly fading but I like to cover them up. My favourite cover ups are as follows:

  1. Garnier_B_B__Blur_Cream_40ml_1492687071Garnier BB Blur Cream is what I wear every day – it contains moisturiser so it stops your skin from getting too dry over the course of the day and it’s nice and light – you don’t have to apply very much for it to cover everything up. It works best with a little bit of setting powder on top (the best ones are the MAC  setting powder if you’re willing to spend a bit more money or the Rimmel ones).
  2. Benefit_Hello_Flawless_Oxygen_Wow_Brightening_Makeup_SPF_25_PA____30ml_1473368671Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Brightening Foundation is the only foundation I have ever used!! I have it in the ‘champagne’ shade and it’s nice and light and looks really natural (if you don’t put layers and layers on!) and is a little thicker and nicer for nights out and one-offs than the every day Garnier BB cream (especially because it costs a bit more). I still use a setting powder on top of it but you really don’t need to.
  3. mac-15-studio-fix-powder-plus-foundation-original-imadxhcfwkqjgszaMAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation is good for speedy touch ups or even as a setting powder – it’s light and the colours are great (I have it in NW25) and it doesn’t gather in dry skin areas too drastically, especially when applied well.

Don’t forget to moisturise (and even prime if it’s a smart occasion) lots before you put foundation on and take it off before bed so you don’t break out or even become allergic to it!!

SKINCARE for the summer holidays

Roaccutane makes your skin burn easily – indeed, a friend of mine who took roaccutane last year reported even managing to get slightly sunburnt on cloudy days…

So, suncream has become my best friend – I wear it on my face most days when I go outside and the sun is out, particularly when playing sport or doing something that involves being outdoors for a long period of time.

la_roche_posay_anthelios_ac_spf30_matte_fluid_50ml_1484730702.pngFor this I use La Roche-Posay Anthelios AC Matte Fluid, which is a little 50ml bottle of SPF30 cream designed for use on your face without making it look shiny or greasy or clogging up your pores. It doesn’t moisturise at all however, so I carry my La Roche-Posay Effaclar H Moisturiser in my beach to stop the skin on my face from getting too tight and uncomfortable.

garnier_ambre_solaire_moisturising_protection_spray_spf30_200ml_1432130824.pngI was on holiday in Croatia last week and I managed to get through and entire bottle of suncream so I didn’t burn!! I’m a big sunbather so I reapplied super often, particularly when fresh out of the sea or after lying on one side of my body (i.e rubbing off half the suncream I had spent ages putting on…). I’m a big fan of Garnier Ambre Solaire Moisturising Protection Spray  in SPF30, which avoids your skin getting too dry in the sun and salt as well as protecting it effectively if you reapply regularly.

Happy summer!! X



Photos from Croatia – we stayed on the island of Pag, which is a place I thoroughly recommend visiting!! A little tough if you’re partying lots on the amazing Zrce Beach because you can’t drink on roaccutane, but I still managed to have some great nights out!!


Roaccutane doesn’t just dry out the skin on your face, but it dries out your body too. Moisturising your body is a must on roaccutane!! I have always been quite eczema-prone, but I haven’t experienced it badly since I was a lot younger, but now I’ve seen patches of it creeping back when I get lazy moisturising (and drinking water!!).

I’m too lazy to moisturise day and night (I haven’t got the time or energy to be sticky at all hours of the day!!), but it’s not hard to keep your skin hydrated if you moisturise EVERY time you get out of the shower, baths, sea, swimming pools, jacuzzis etc etc.

downloadI was recommended Aveeno Oil and Aveeno Cream by my dermatologist – the oil is for use in the bath water or to be applied directly on to your skin in the shower (it’s really good for shaving with too), and it’s nice because it isn’t too slippery or oily. The cream is the moisturiser for once you’re out of the shower – it absorbs quickly and will keep your skin hydrated for a couple of days at least, and it doesn’t smell, so there’s no perfumy chemicals for your skin to get allergic to, and that means it can be used by men and women!! download (1)

They aren’t crazy expensive and you can find all the Aveeno stuff in Superdrug and Boots – check that you’re getting the ‘cream’ as opposed to any of their other lotions or milks or sprays and what-not, as it’s definitely the most effective. They’re designed particularly with eczema or dry, sensitive-skin prone people in mind so they’re ideal for use when you’re on roaccutane.

Another plus is that Jennifer Aniston has been Aveeno’s celebrity ambassador for years, and even if they’re paying her loads to do it, I can see why she would like it, and who doesn’t want skin like Jennifer Aniston?


Green cream…

It’s been quite hard to find make up that works well on dry and sensitive roaccutane skin… plus I hate wearing layers and layers of make up and instead like it when skin looks as though it has no make up on it at all, but I will admit this has been a challenge!! It can also be difficult to blend foundation if you’re caking on lots of layers, because it will dislodge your dry skin and make it look more obvious, so in my opinion the less the better… less is more 😉

Roaccutane leaves your skin quite red, especially if you have quite a pale winter skin colour like me, and certainly in my case I have a lot of red marks from scarring on my cheeks (although they are slowly fading!!), which came from when I had my ‘initial break out’ in the earlier days of my roaccutane course.

The good news is, even when our skin is wintery and pale we can minimise the redness!! The trick is green cream – I don’t think you can use it unless you’re putting liquid foundation or BB cream over it (otherwise you look green!!) but it’s works so so well, especially because it means you don’t have to wear so much foundation.

My favourite green cream is actually a concealer – it’s the Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid . For everyday wear I put a layer of it on to my cheeks and then put a layer of Naked Skinmy BB cream on top, and it works really well.

If I’m having particularly red day or I’m going out (so wearing more make up), I mix it with my primer and rub that all over my face, and then put some extra green on my cheeks afterwards.

If you want a proper green cream that isn’t a concealer, EuEucerincerin’s Anti Redness Concealing Day Cream is really good. It has SPF25 in it, which is great because roaccutane means your skin burns much more easily (I never used to burn in the sun until roaccutane!!). I put it over my moisturiser and let it dry for a bit before putting my make up on. At £20.50 it’s not cheap at all, but it’s lasting well and does a really good job – it’s designed to help dry skin without causing spots or breakouts.


Face wash!!

I always use a face wash to wash my face, night and morning – it removes make up, dirt, sweat etc from the day better than plain water, and it’s good at kLa_Roche_Posay_Effaclar_H_Hydrating_Cleansing_Cream_200ml_1461319911eeping imperfections and blemishes away.

On roaccutane I’ve been using another La Roche Posay Effaclar H product, and this time it’s their ‘hydrating cleansing cream’ (£9.50 on Feel Unique), which is great because its creamy texture doesn’t dry out my skin at all (and works well with the Efflaclar H moisturiser).

I also exfoliate every now and again – it keeps dry patches away and makes it easier to put make up on because your skin is a bit smoother, and it also makes you a bit more radiant!! No need to go crazy on the highlighter!!

st-ives.pngMy favourite exfoliator is the St. Ives ‘Nourish & Smooth‘ Oatmeal Scrub – I think it’s a new one and it’s much more gentle than their famous apricot scrub, so it’s perfect for sensitive roaccutane skin! Smells nice too and only a fiver in Boots.

I use it maybe two or three times a week minimum, often before I put make up on for a night out. It’s nice as a mask when you’re relaxing in the bath too 🙂